Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hi everybody,

this blog is intended as information platform for students of the school of social work in Domažlice, Czech Republic, and all other people interested in social work. My plan is to give the students of social work a list of links to important and interesting topics in the field of social work in their respective foreign language, taught at the school of social work in Domažlice, i.e. English and German.

I had been myself teaching at that school for four years, between 2000 and 2004, and then had to leave as the school management of that school has huge problems in dealing with smart and active people. Just only for illustration I would like to mention that I organized a two-week working stay in Germany, for students who studied German language. The stay consisted of working with hyperactive children at school in the morning, in the afternoon working with these children in extracurricular activities and in the evening taking care of these children in the respective children families. This program was stopped by the director and his arguments were that the students do not need to know foreign languages, and if they wish to know them then they should attend a language school. Rather silly idea, but totally corresponding with the mental quality of the director.

So here, students of social work, their teachers and everybody interested in social work will have a chance to read articles in English and German language about social work, use the hand picked links to the main social work sites in internet and links to interesting topics on social work.

Have fun and learn languages, regardless the opposite and really quite stupid comments on languages by the school management. This is a blog, which means you can write your comments to it, provided they will be written in English or German, and in polite manner; all comments not qualifying for this simple requirements will be deleted.

My private interests are at present in memetics, semiotics, ethology, human ethology, evolutionary psychology, evolution of languages, neuroscience, and all other sciences dealing with the basic questions: what are we, where do we come from and where are we heading to.
Some first papers I wrote for interested public can be found on the left under Memetics.


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